General Policies

Silay Institute offers limited scholarship grants to eligible students. The school has the right to withhold or withdraw the grant for reasons to be determined by the school administration. Other scholarship grants are made available by the government and by private and institutionally funded programs. The application for scholarships grants and/or financial assistance is screened by the Scholarship Office.


Application Procedure

On the dates scheduled for scholarship applications announced annually, applicants are required to proceed to the Guidance Office and submit the following documents:

  • Admission test rating
  • Report Card (Form 138)
  • Copy of the latest Income Tax Return form of parents
  • Sealed Letter of Recommendation from Principal or Guidance Counselor of the school where the student graduated



  • The scholarship grant covers free tuition fee for a maximum of twenty-four (24) units only. Additional units in excess of twenty-four (24) units and miscellaneous fees are already subject to payment.
  • The scholarship is renewable, depending on the scholar’s academic performance.
  • A scholar should be a regular full-time student.
  • The scholarship does not include summer classes.
  • Scholarship is only granted for the on-time completion of a degree/non-degree program.
  • Dual scholarship is not allowed.
  • Scholars are not allowed to shift programs without the recommendation of the Registrar’s Office and the approval of the College Dean.


Maintaining The Scholarship Grant

  • Grade Requirement. Scholars must maintain a minimum Grade Point Average of 88 with no grade below 80.
  • Co-curricular Involvement. Scholars are expected to participate in campus events and activities organized by the Supreme Student Council.
  • Personal Conduct. Scholars are expected to serve as role models of good moral behavior to other students.


Term and Duration

The Silay Institute scholarship grant lasts one academic year and is renewable until graduation depending on the grantee’s scholastic performance.


Renewal Condition

The grantee must maintain a minimum average grade of 88 with no grade below 80 in any enrolled subject. The grantee must personally bring his/her final grades to the Scholarship Office for evaluation no later than 5 days after the scheduled card distribution by the Registrar’s Office.


Grounds for Revocation

The Scholarship Grant may be revoked on any of the following grounds:

  • Being subjected to disciplinary action due to infraction of school regulations.
  • Having a final grade lower than 80 in any subject.
  • Withdrawing from a course/subject two (2) weeks after the semester without consulting the College Dean.


Academic Scholarship

Academic scholarship grants for incoming college freshmen are available for students with outstanding scholastic records.


How to qualify for academic scholarships:

  • When the student is the school’s Valedictorian or Salutatorian from a class with at least 40 students.
  • If the student passed and excelled the Silay Institute entrance examination.
  • The student must have leadership potential.

The Valedictorian of a high school batch with a minimum number of 40 high school graduates will be given a 100% tuition fee discount. The student must submit a certification duly signed by the school principal verifying that the student was the class valedictorian of the graduating class. The Salutatorian of a high school batch with a minimum number of 40 high school graduates will be given a 50% tuition fee discount. The student must submit a certification duly signed by the school principal verifying that the student was the class salutatorian of the graduating class. For the retention of the scholarship, the grantee must maintain a general average of at least 88 in the subsequent academic school years and semesters.


Tuition Aid for Students

Tuition fee discounts are given to selected students enrolled in Silay Institute who are neither honor students nor TESDA-PESFA grantees: 15% discount for students with two siblings enrolled in Silay Institute 25% discount for students with three siblings enrolled in Silay Institute 50%discount for students with four siblings enrolled in Silay Institute.


Tuition Aid for Employee Dependents

Silay Institute regular employees and their dependents (legal spouse and children) have the privilege of enrolling in any school program for free for an entire academic year. However, matriculation and other fees will be shouldered by the employee. Moreover, the total number of years of the scholarship grant will only be equal to the prescribed number of years of the program enrolled in by the dependent or employee. Should there be more than one dependent enrolled at the same time, only one dependent can avail of the 100% tuition fee discount. The second dependent may avail of the 75% tuition fee discount; the third dependent may avail of the 50% tuition fee discount; and the fourth dependent may avail of the 25% tuition fee discount.


Scholarship from the Government

Scholarships are also made available by the government, private benefactors and sponsors who have the prerogatives regards the selection of their beneficiaries

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