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Our Mission

Silay Institute is a learning institution that is committed to provide quality Christian education that is relevant and accessible to all.

Our Vision

Silay Institute is a lead learning institution that provides high-quality education that shapes students to become morally upright, socially sensitive and globally competitive professionals.

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Philosophy and Objectives

Silay Institute is committed to provide quality Christian education aimed at developing Christian men and women who are competent in their chosen profession and dedicated to the social transformation of their community and country.

The academic programs are designed to facilitate the holistic formation and development of students and enable them to develop:

  • a deeper understanding of the Christian faith;
  • professional competence in their chosen fields of endeavor;
  • the ability to think critically and communicate effectively;
  • a sense of social responsibility and contribute towards the transformation of society; and
  • their commitment to the continuing pursuit of truth and knowledge and the exercise of moral and ethical values in their personal and professional lives.


Silay Institute History

Silay Institute has a rich history of serving its community dating back to its establishment in 1925. Dr. Luis Gamboa founded the institution with the vision of creating a local high school. Over the years, Silay Institute has expanded its offerings and undergone various developments:

1925 Dr. Luis Gamboa leads the citizens of Silay in planning for the creation of a local high school.
1933 Silay Institue held its first ever commencement exercise at the Kahirup Theater, with Atty. Emilio Hilado as commencement speaker.
1967 Silay Institute applied for and obtained the authority to offer collegiate courses, marking the introduction of Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Liberal Arts programs.
1993 The school held its inaugural commencement exercise at the Kahirup Theater, with Atty. Emilio Hilado as the commencement speaker.
2000 A three-year partnership with De La Salle University was established to enhance the school's services. Technical Vocational Programs: The school introduced Technical Vocational (TESDA) programs in Computer Hardware Servicing and Computer Secretarial NCII. However, these programs faced challenges in attracting students in the following years.
2013 ADEC Innovations, a Global Environment, Social, and Governance Solutions Company, acquired a significant portion of Silay Institute.
2014 Under new management, the institution remained committed to providing quality and accessible education.
2016 The Senior High School expanded its offerings to include Grades 11 and 12, featuring strands such as Humanities and Social Science (HUMSS), Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), General Academic Strand (GAS), Contact Center Services (CCS), and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
2017 Silay Institute established a strong partnership with Nihon Fukushi University Affiliated High School in Japan for a Cultural Exchange Program.
2020 Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Silay Institute proactively prepared to meet the requirements of the Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education, the Department of Health, and Local Government Units to continue operations through remote and online learning. The institution initiated a training for flexible learning using a Learning Management System (LMS).
2022 The institution expanded its offerings in the Basic Education Department by introducing Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2.
2023 Silay Institute achieved significant milestones with the inauguration of the New College Building accommodating over 2,000 college students. Additionally, new course programs were introduced, including Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA), Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd), and Bachelor of Secondary Education- English (BSEd-English). For the elementary level, Grades 4 and 5 were introduced, resulting in a total enrollment of 3,945 learners for the school year 2023-2024.
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As it approaches centennial, Silay Institute has a storied history of educational excellence and a commitment to continuous growth and adaptation. As it moves forward into the future, the institution not only provides quality education but also champions the principles of inclusive and sustainable learning. Silay Institute's dedication to accessible education and its focus on preparing students for a rapidly changing world reflect its vision for a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable future for its community and learners.

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