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Silay Institute continues with its mission to provide quality and world class education to all learners instilling the important lesson that it does not matter where they’re from, only where they’re going. With its program, Education from Ridge to Reef, SI envisions to pull out learners from marginalized communities from the uplands (ridge) to the seas (reefs), and bring them back where they should be— to an institution of higher learning that would aid and guide them towards becoming competitive citizens whose stories can be a source of strength and inspiration to others.

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Tertiary Education

Silay Institute is a distinguished academic institution in the City of Silay. Founded almost a century ago it served as a beacon of education and quality for decades. With a rich history extending back to 1925, it has been a center of intellectual development and community participation. It has expanded over the years to accommodate the changing demands of students, offering a varied choice of programs and cutting-edge facilities. The college’s dedication to academic rigors and creativity has cemented its image as a home-base by its alumni and respected by academics. Welcome to the world of impossibilities where age of antiquity and age of technology met.

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Technical Skills

The Technical Skills Training Course of Silay Institute Incorporated implements programs geared towards a quality technical education and skills. In the field of Housekeeping NCII. It was created to provide the trainees with technical skills in order for them to gain decent employment in various industries and improve their lives and that of their family.

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Adult Education

Silay Institute is now offering courses for adult learners with vibrant learning community, inclusive environment for all, virtually engaging programs, innovative teaching for adults and dynamic learning programs.

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Basic Education

The Basic Education of Silay Institute is adhered to the K to 12 program of Department of Education. It covers 13 years of formal education with the following key stages: Kindergarten (1 year); Elementary (6 years); Junior High School (4 years); and Senior High School (2 years). The program aims to deliver the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies that learners need to develop so that they can prepare for and succeed in work and life in the 21st century.

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