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Grade One

Grade One is designed to prepare the pupils for subsequent grades of elementary education which serves as a springboard for formal schooling. The program aims to provide the learners with a strong foundation in basic education on developing their reading, writing, speaking and thinking skills, mathematical concepts, physical activities, and social skills and on promoting positive values, character development and good citizenship.

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Grade Two

Grade Two is part of the primary education level that focuses on developing the competencies of the pupils in reading, writing and performing arithmetic operations, science and health awareness, social skills, emotional intelligence and sense of self-confidence. The program aims to provide the pupils with a developmentally appropriate education which instill positive values, promote physical fitness and well-being and lead them become responsible and compassionate individuals.

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Grade Three

Grade Three continues to focus on improving the pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills where they are expected to read fluently, comprehend texts and perform basic mathematical operations with increasing proficiency. The program aims to provide a well-rounded education that facilitates the learners develop essential skills, knowledge and sense of environmental responsibility and help them understand about their heritage and the diverse cultures that make up their society.

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Grade Four

Grade Four provides opportunities for enhancement and application of learned literacy and numeracy competencies to varied content learning areas. The program aims to further develop the academic demands of the learners, their critical thinking, communication, problem-solving skills and creativity and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The basic practical skills and knowledge related to homemaking, technology and livelihood are introduced.

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