First time in the history of Silay Institute that it hosted an event at Robinson’s Place – Bacolod last March 8, 2014. Headed mainly by the school’s event coordinator, Ms. Richie Perales, it became one of the most significant happeningsa in the academic’s pursuit of reaching out to people and making Silay Institute known not only to the city of Silay but to the whole Negros as well. It has been a success for everyone especially to those who participated and witnessed the show. The culminating activity achieved its goal of showcasing the talents of the public that Silay Institute is indeed an institution where students can truly hone their skills and develop their overall personality.
Those who joined mostly came from the high school students but of course, the college students were not left out in that activity. Both did their performances really well and were able to entertain the public through fashion shows, costume plays, song and dance numbers, band music, taekwondo art of fighting, and the finale which is the viewing of a transformer robot replica proudly made by the students. The show also served as an instrument in providing awareness to the people that the school is going stronger and will continuously provide the best education and training to its students.
By: Hazel