America Data Exchange Corporation

news_mangrovesA new canvass is a powerful thing. It can inspire a masterpiece from the depths of your imagination. It can encourage one to think of possibilities. It can make you dream of a future reality.
Silay Institute is our new canvass.
In what others may view as a provincial college in a laid-back community, ADEC Group saw a world-class BPO campus with several smart buildings within the sprawling grounds, the future faculty and staff going about their daily duties, and the would-be students hurrying to their next classes. We saw all of this in an empty field. The sights and sounds of the future became all the more crystal clear to us when James Donovan said “this is our field of dreams”.
It may take a few years for this vision to be a reality, but what is important is the seed that was planted in our minds. A seed that will grow and drive us towards the end-goal: that we have a responsibility to the community and to the youth of Silay, who are the primary beneficiaries, to make this vision happen.
Giving the youth the skill sets, know-how, and knowledge to be able to start working as soon as they graduate is something you cannot put a price tag on. We are giving them pride in their upbringing, in their community, in their school and most especially in themselves.
Silay Institute dares us to dream our field of dreams and take action to make the dream a reality.
by: Bong Dureza